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Privacy Policy

BeeZin Privacy Policy

BeeZin pays close attention to the privacy of members and formulate the privacy policy in the lights of the regulation of the “Personal Information Protection Act.”

1. The Safety of Personal Information

Protecting the personal privacy of the members is the important management concept of BeeZin. We won’t give out the personal information to the third party with no relation to our internet service. The members shall keep their passwords and personal information confidential and don’t give your personal information to others, especially your internet passwords. After using the service on the BeeZin website, you must make sure to remember to log out the account. If the computer you used is shared with others or is the public computer, please remember to close the browser window after you finish using it.

2. The collection, handling and usage of personal information

The personal information got from the related website will be for internal use only in BeeZin. According to the purpose and scope of use we mentioned, unless the company explained beforehand or in accordance with the related law, BeeZin won’t provide the information to the third party or use it for other purpose of use.

  • The purpose of collection:
  • The purpose of collection is to conduct the marketing business, consumers, client management and service, shopping online and other e-commerce and investigation, statistics and research analysis (the numbers for legal purposed items: 040, 090, 148 and 157). BeeZin will collect the personal information through the process of applying the membership or doing the transaction.
  • The categories of personal information collection:
  • The personal information BeeZin will collect on the website is as follows:
  1. C001 Individual identification: the information of member’s name, address, phone number and email address.
  2. C002 Financial identification: the information of credit card or financial account.
  3. C011 Personal description: the gender and birth date, etc.
  • The period, region, target and the way to use:
  1. Period: Until the member asks BeeZin to stop using the personal information or until BeeZin stop the service.
  2. Region: The personal information of member is for Taiwan region only.
  3. The target and the way to use: The personal information of member we collect other than using for the BeeZin membership management and the inquiry of client management, it will be also used for personal verification, financial service, logistics service, marketing and advertising, etc. The examples are as follows:
  1. When you log in and use the service on the BeeZin website as the member, the member information will automatically display on the web pages.
  2. To carry out the transaction: When the members make a reservation, make a bid, purchase, and join a reward to personal services and the products or do other transactions they want, the personal information will be used in the product delivery, personal service, the payment, answering the customer questions, the questions BeeZin has to the members, after-sales service and other necessary businesses to carry out the transaction.
  3. Advertising and Marketing: The members will receive all kind of e-magazine and service-based information by email, mail and phone. The company will give the members a personalized management, analyze the use service of members, develop new service or improve existed service in accordance with the content or advertisement the members browse, their personal attributes or transaction records and browser history on the BeeZin website. Finally, the company will communicate with the members based on the feedbacks in the lights of surveys, the activities, the message board and other service-related events.
  4. Reply customer inquiries: Reply the BeeZin questions the members ask by email and mail and by fax or other direct or indirect ways.
  5. The items that go with other business: The use purposes of the items a-d as mentioned above are the necessary use BeeZin needs for the service.
  6. Give the information to the respective service providers: When the members reserve, make a bid, purchase, and join the reward activity of personal service and products, BeeZin shall give the personal information files to the service providers if necessary. The service providers shall take responsible for managing such personal information files. BeeZin will formulate the rules to the obligation of service providers in accordance with the privacy policies to deal with personal information; however, we cannot be guaranteed the service providers will comply with them. Please contact the service providers for further information.
  7. Others: When the company provides an individual service, we can use the personal information apart from the purposes as mentioned above. At this moment, we will specify the points on such individual service website.
  • The right of the members in relation to the personal information:
  • People BeeZin collect the personal information shall execute the following rights according to the Personal Information Protective Act:
  1. Check or ask for reading.
  2. Ask for a hard copy.
  3. Ask for the information adding or correction.
  4. Ask for stopping collection, handling or usage.
  5. Ask for the deletion.
  • For the members who want to execute the right, please contact with the customer service of BeeZin to apply it.
  • Please notice that for those who are refused to offer the information we need while applying the membership, they may not be able to have full service or use such service.

3. Information Safety

To protect the privacy and safety of the members, we will set up the password to protect the information in the BeeZin account. BeeZin will make an effort to protect all the personal information with the reasonable technology and procedures.

4. The way to check or change the personal information

Please contact with the customer service when the members have the personal information-related demands, including information checking, reading, the hard copy getting, adding or correcting, stopping computer management, information using and deleting. We will handle them right away.

5. Cookie

To make easy use to the members, BeeZin uses the cookie technology to offer members the service they need. The cookie is a technology that can help the members communicate with Internet Information Service through their browsers. It can randomly save the character string used on the member’s computers and identify the users. If the members close their cookies, they may not be able to log in the website or cannot use the cart.

6. The amendment of privacy policy

As the change of marketing environment, the company will constantly amend the website policy. For the members who have the questions about privacy statement of BeeZin website or any personal information-based questions, please contact with BeeZin Customer Service Center by email for further information.