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The Sources of Collagen

There are many food containing abundant collagen, including pig skin, pork knuckles, chicken feet, chicken wings, beef tendon, fish head, and fish skin, etc. However, due to the high-temperature cooking method, the human body can only absorb the limited amount from them; thus, taking the collagen regularly is a good way to keep skin young and vital. The sources of collagen in the market can be extracted from pig, cattle, sheep, fish, and plant, which commonly used in the market are pig, fish and plant extractions. Amount them, the collagen from the pig and fish are mainly used in skincare products and dietary supplement food, are mostly from the extractions of captive breeding pig and fish while the plant-sourced collagen is mostly used in skincare products.

The Categories of Collagen

There are two types of collagens in the market, which are hydrolyzed collagen and non-hydrolyzed collagen. The hydrolyzed collagen can decomposed the collagen into small molecular peptide by hydrolyzation technology, which can help the absorption of human skin and tissue, have better capability of absorption and keep skin young and vital.

The Classification of Collagen

Collagen in medical use can be divided in Type I, Type II, and Type III collagens. Type I collagen commonly exists in dermis, connective tissues, bone, and cornea, etc., which can maintain the elasticity of skin and make it young. Type II collagen exists in cartilage, which can protect the articular cartilage and knee bone. With age, they will run off; therefore, taking appropriate type II collagen is one of the ways that keep the knee healthy. Type III collagen mainly exists in the dermis, especially for new born connective tissue.

The Efficacy of Collagen

Collagen, an adhesive between the cells, makes up from 30% to 40% of the whole-body protein content. It is the main adhesion material of connective tissue and the component of skin, tendon, ligament and bones. The dermis of the skin tissue is mostly made of the collagen, which will make skin appearance look firm and elastic. The content of collagen will have a progressive decrease due to the facets of aging skin, UV radiation, life pressure, irregular lifestyle and environmental pollution. The skin will result in aging phenomenon and have the wrinkle problem and loose skin. As a result, collagen replenishment is one of the ways to keep skin young.

What is collagen?

According to the definition of Wikipedia, collagen is made up from 20% of the total protein content in mammals. Collagen is the most significant protein in human body. It exists in the connective tissue and with high tension and tensile strength. It’s also the main component of the extracellular matrix, which can maintain the elasticity of skin. The skin will have wrinkles due to the aging of collagen. Besides, collagen is also the main component of cornea, formed in crystalline shape. It cannot be absorbed by human body directly. However, it will be decomposed into Amino Acid when people take collagen orally.